Surface Repair Products

I use the highest quality surface repair products on the market. While some of the products I use are for professional use only and can’t be purchased online, a lot of them can. 

I’ve come up with a list of products I use myself and would recommend to anybody looking to have a go at carrying out their own repairs. While getting a professional in to do the job will without a doubt give you the highest quality repair, good results can still be achieved given some patience, effort, and practice. 

Below are some products I use with a brief description of who might benefit from them and what they can be used for.

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Surface Repair Kits

These kits are the highest quality repair kits on the market. Used by professionals, they are the most versatile and contain all the products you’ll need for the vast majority of surface repair work. The smaller kits are suitable for domestic DIY users and the larger, more complete kits would be more suitable for those looking to use them professionally¬†

Tools and Individual Items

Please note, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases but these products are all products I use to carry out professional repairs.