Solid Wood Worktop Restoration

Oak Worktop Restoration
Oak worktop repair before and after

Kitchen worktops are subject to heavy use..

Food, drink and cleaning can take its toll on a solid wood surface and despite your best intentions, they can become dark, sticky and covered in stains.
We will remove the worn, patchy and sticky top coat, sand it back to fresh wood and protect it with two coats of premium finishing oil. You'll be left with a surface that looks and feels brand new.
We will also provide a complementary daily cleaning product that is manufactured specifically for solid wood worktops.

Our Full Worktop Restoration Service Includes


How long Will It Take?

This will depend on the condition of the worktop and its size. Most will be completed in 4-8 hrs.

How long until we can use it again?

Once finished the worktop should be dry after 4-6 hours. It will continue to cure for up to 10 days. In the meantime the worktop can be used as normal but spillages shouldn’t be left for too long.