Laminate Worktop Repairs

The Quality Of Our Laminate Worktop Repairs Is Unmatched .
We Are Setting A New Repair Standard

We repair damage to laminate worktops including chips, dents, holes, burns, scratches and water damage.

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Woodgrain Laminate Worktop Repair

Laminate Worktop Repair - Chips

A common repair is a chip to laminate caused by a heavy item being dropped - such as a plate, jug or saucepan.
We remove the damaged area, seal, fill and shape before matching the finish to ensure a quality repair

laminate worktop burn repair

Laminate Worktop Repair - Burns

We use the same process to repair burns caused by placing hot pans, trays and candles directly on to a worktop.

Laminate Worktop Repair - Water Damage

Over time water can penetrate worktop joints, causing them to blow and push the laminate away from the board. We remove the blown laminate and repair.